With the latest release of the iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max, one of the main talking point was whether the phone was worth the price. Yes, it has many new and added features, but as we all know, those features are not exactly 'new' to other leading brands. Many would argue that, for the price we pay for the latest iPhone, we can actually get two phones of similar quality from other leading brands!

Yet, despite the increase in price for each new iPhone model launched, and despite the stiff competition from other leading brands, the sales of iPhone has been steadily increasing over the years.

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So what contributes to the increasing sales of iPhone despite the stiff competition and increased pricing every year? We believe one of the main reasons is branding. Branding is important for every businesses. It involves a lot of hard work, research, trial and errors, innovations, consistency and passion. It is almost impossible to pinpoint branding to one single point. We can't say like "Oh, their brand is good because they have good products". If that was the case, every business with a good product would be successful.

Branding takes time to build. Some make it, some never do. At MojoSkins, we understand the importance in branding to be successful, and we believe that there's a need to create some sort of emotion which the customer will feel when they use our product. We're still working on it, but we'll get there eventually!

On a side note, the Apple pencil is retailing at USD99! Talk about good branding! And of course, what better way to show off your Apple pencil, with a skin from us! Quality and excellence assured, get your apple pencil skin from us today and feel the difference! 

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