Company culture

Company culture

Monday blues. I'm sure most of us have experienced it at some point of our lives. We would hit the snooze button countless times, we would dread going to work and we would be so unmotivated at work. We tend to experience this partly because the company culture at our work place is lacking and it is not in sync with us.

The term company culture has been fast gaining popularity in recent years. In fact, company culture symbolizes the company as a whole and is often associated with the company branding. For every company, the culture tends to be different and there is usually no fixed formula. The culture of a company is hugely dependent on the believes and actions of the decision makers in the company.

At Mojoskins, we always try to strike a work-life balance. That is the core value of our company culture. We always believe in balance and growth via learning and experience. After all, the success of a company begins with the employers (in our case, our Mojocrews). A happy Mojocrew would lead to a happy customer, and a happy customer is what motivates us to do better.

Some of the company cultures we practice in Mojoskins is as below.

1) Open and honest communication and relationship between everyone

2) Encourage creativity, fun and adventure. Promote growth and learning with an open mind

3) Delivering excellent customer service and experience

4) Fun working environment!

5) Positive team spirit filled with passion and determination

6) Doing more with less


We will be elaborating more on our company culture as well as some scenarios from work in our future posts. Till next time!



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