Fan Review: Hybrid Elements Skin

Fan Review: Hybrid Elements Skin

It has been a hectic few months at the office! We have managed to open up a new outlet in Sunway Pyramid (more on that later!). In conjunction with our new opening, we managed to get in touch with a fan and ask her on her favourite range of skins. 

This was her write up:

As Like many other MojoSkins fans, I also have my own favorite skin which is the hybrid element series. I love the hybrid element series as the designs are unique and really exclusive. Besides that, each hybrid elements series provide different textures that suit the taste of the user. Some of it are rough like the Black Serpent, and some of it are smooth like the Nebula and the Chameleon. The Jeans also give your phone a touch of ruggedness.

Black Serpent


Furthermore, the colours they come in are also amazing and beautiful. For example, the Nebula changes its colour when you turn your phone to a different angle. It can be green, purple or blue depending on the angle of your  phone.



All in all, the hybrid elements really gives your phone an exclusive look as your phone would look more expensive than it really is. For instance, black venom skin really makes your phone look limited edition.

Black Venom

I really hope that in the future, MojoSkins will add more interesting designs to their collection so that customers will have more options to choose from.

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