Levelling Up With Mojo Bravo Series

Levelling Up With Mojo Bravo Series

We are always on the lookout for new innovations which can enhance our customer experience with our mobile phone skins. And after lots of sourcing, designing, trial and errors, we are proud to introduce our latest series, the Mojo Bravo Series. In case you're wondering what kinda skin is the Mojo Bravo Series, it's actually a Bumper! Yup, a rather sleek and durable bumper to compliment our mobile phone skins!

Some of the cool features of our Mojo Bravo Series include:

1) Camera Protection

In this modern age, taking pictures has never been easier. We all love taking pictures so much so that it has become a second nature for us to use our phones to capture any memorable, funny and important moments. With this in mind, we designed our Mojo Bravo Series in such a way that the edge with the camera is raised for extra protection.

2) Shock Absorbing

Our Mojo Bravo Series is designed to be light, yet durable. It has been tested for shock absorbance, whereby our Bravo will absorb some of the impact on the phone from a light fall. 

3) Matte Finishing Grip For Non Slip

For those with slippery fingers, fear not! Our Mojo Bravo Series has an added matte finishing to prevent phone slips. With our Bravo on your phone, you can say bye bye to accidental phone slips!

4) Compatible With Wireless Charging

With the latest current technology, all phones are now moving towards wireless charging. Rest assured, our Mojo Bravo series does not interfere with your wireless charging.


5) Lanyard Hole

And of course, not forgetting the ones who fancies using the lanyard string, we have designed a lanyard hole for your convenience too!

So, what are you waiting for? Get your Mojo Bravo Series now! It is surely suitable for anyone who aspires to be different, to be a minimalist, and of course, to be unique in their own way.

Retailing at only MYR 49.90, the Mojo Bravo Series is light on the wallet, and as a special launch promo, we have an in store promo for you when you walk into our outlets from the 21st March 2019 till 7th April 2019!! We hope to see you soon!

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