MojoSkins Annual Event 22/08/18-23/08/2018

MojoSkins Annual Event 22/08/18-23/08/2018

As mentioned in our previous post, we place a lot of emphasis on our company culture. We always believe in work-life balance, and growth via learning and experience. So, on the 22nd August 2018, we brought our MojoCrews for a well deserved Annual Event in Radiant Retreats, Janda Baik.

We started our journey in the early morning, and upon arrival at Radiant Retreats, we had a short break before proceeding with some fun and games sessions. Crews were encouraged to practice team work and work together during the fun and games session. 


We had some short presentations afterwards by our company directors, where we explained about our company goals and visions, company culture, and some emphasis on sales and marketing strategies. Our Crews also took turn to present on topics which they were good in, hence enhancing their public speaking skills and also presentation skills. 

We also did a short 360 review on the Crews strength and weakness, thus enabling our Crews to understand each others strengths and weakness better. It was a good session, and our Crews enjoyed the process of understanding each other better.

Next, we had the highlight of the event, ATV! We brought the crews for a 2 hour ride on the ATV through the different terrains of the jungle. It was a first time experience for all our crews and it also promoted togetherness as our crews took turns to give encouragement to each other. 

By the time the ATV ended, most of us were already exhausted, we had a chill and relaxing session at the resort while waiting for dinner to be served. The dinner was excellent! Probably also due to the fact that we used up a lot of energy during the ATV. 

After dinner, we had more games, this time we had the Act and Guess session, where we all had a good laugh trying to guess what the Crews were trying to act out. Lucky draw was next! We prepared gifts for all our crews, and made sure everyone went home happy. Our 'Staff With The Best Initiative’ award  went to Aida. Congratulations Aida!!

With that, we had a karaoke session where everyone could have some fun and unwind session after an eventful day.

The next day, we went back after having our breakfast. Seeing our Crews happy and refreshed, gives us lots of pride and satisfaction. After all, without them, we wouldn't be where we are today.

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