The Sixth Grid

The Sixth Grid

We are thrilled to announce the arrival of our new family member, The Sixth Grid! It consists of exclusive hexagonal structures resembling the honeycomb structure.

 The Sixth Grid gives us a glimpse into the future. After all, the hexagon shape has always been associated as being futuristic. Imagine having your keyboard keys in hexagon shape, it is sure to bring an aura of the future.

 In this age of society where we are so used to the common shapes of square, circles, and rectangles, the hexagon brings with it a refreshing new level of perception. We always feel that the future will be different. Hence the sight of a hexagon replacing the common shapes brings with it a feeling of the future.

Consisting of six sides, we aptly named it Sixth Grid due to the symmetrical nature of the six (Sixth) symmetrical line (Grid). Complete with a unique honeycomb texture, The Sixth Grid is sure to give your phone a glimpse into the future and level up!

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